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Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

Testing and analysis of environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity, airborne bacteria and particulates, dust levels, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can give you and your staff or tenants the assurance that your air quality is good.

Green Air Monitoring works directly with building occupiers, managing agents and via maintenance or facilities management contractors to provide a range of air sampling and analysis services for day to day office accommodation or more specialist facilities. This is for both occupied buildings and new accommodation and includes specific testing required to support WELL Building, BREEAM and similar accreditations.

We provide services both as snapshot tests at particular points in time or more comprehensive day or even week-long surveys. These longer surveys will give you a clearer picture of the quality of your indoor air as the occupation of your building and the outside environment varies over the day.

Our Basic5 survey covers the minimum needs of most corporate occupiers and the enhanced Standard6 range of surveys add in monitoring of airborne aerosols in the PM1; PM2.5 respirable and PM10 fractions. It is these particulate mass (PM) concentrations that are usually referred to in media reports about pollution levels, particularly in towns and cities. More advanced tests may be implemented for particular accommodation such as newly refurbished offices, swimming pools, print rooms and processing/manufacturing plants. A fully tailored regime will be designed for clean rooms, sterile areas and workshops.s.

  1. Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

  2. Occupational Hygiene Occupational Hygiene

  3. Reactive Investigation of Specific Issues Reactive Investigation of Specific Issues

  4. Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

  5. Ventilation Hygiene Assessment Ventilation Hygiene Assessment

  6. Water Hygiene and Water Treatment Water Hygiene and Water Treatment